Erin is an engaging and experienced teacher.

 Locally she teaches Meisner Technique and Audition Intensive with Remedios Creative L.L.C. and has done workshops with CLIMB Theatre. She is available for private and on-set coaching.

Recent Student Testimonials


“Erin scared me, in a really great way. Erin knew exactly when I wasn't being myself or rather, when I was trying to "act" or when I was holding something in, she would call me out on it. It was almost as if she's known me for years. It was wonderful because I wasn't always aware of it and it pushed me to be present. Erin is passionate about this work, it shows in her teaching, she genuinely cares about helping everyone grow.”



“Erin is a joy to learn from. You get the feeling that she could teach a class to 90 year olds, 5 year olds and everything in between and she would be superb at doing so. Her experience in the craft as well as her joy of acting really shows making it impossible for you not to become excited about Meisner/acting as well.”

-Alfreda Amah-Clark MEISNER FALL 2016


“Erin was a great teacher.  She was able to take a room of people coming from very different lives and experiences and focus them towards a clear goal, keeping in mind the needs of individuals along the way.  She was relentlessly there for her students.  I knew I could count on her to listen and be receptive to any questions I brought to her inside or outside of class.  She had a great mind for helping us all increase the stakes of our imaginary circumstances.  Not with me personally so much, but I know there were several students in class who frequently engaged in long phone/text/email conversations with her.  Her passion for the work and the progress of her students was vividly apparent.  She found a good balance in letting us feel both challenged and safe.  She took care to encourage us to let everything out even if it was unpleasant and then took great care in bringing us out of the exercise in a safe and healthy way.  I also think Erin did a good job in connecting what was happening in class to some of its potential uses in the professional world.  She would often start class with a story from her life as an actress turned into an anecdote on how the work can be applied, sharing a real experience of her or another performer she knew.”

-Kevin Fanshaw MEISNER FALL 2016


“It's hard to imagine anyone else instructing this class other than Erin. Erin has this way to really be able to resolve questions or doubts. Instead of the term tactics we use intentions, she can relate to everyone on their own circumstances. If i'm struggling i can hear her yelling from across the room in my head, "Say it! What do you want to SAY?!" and then the light just goes green. I have never felt so comfortable and confident in such an intense, intimate environment.”

-Tony Falk MEISNER FALL 2016


“(Erin is ) fabulous. She's highly invested in having everyone succeed and genuinely seems to to excited about the work.”

-Gregory Klimowicz AUDITION INTENSIVE SPRING 2016, FALL 2017


“Erin is a specific and energetic (working!) actor and instructor who can help you find and develop audition material.”

-Stanzi Schalter MEISNER SPRING 2016


“Erin is an open hearted teacher who pushes her students to do the best work they can in that moment. She has this ability to change teaching styles and languages so that each student can understand where she is coming from and what she is asking of them.”







Intro to Meisner Technique with Nayely Becerra and Tony Falk